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1 : Somewhere Not Here

Later that night, Leif Ericson and the other village children gather in Thors' home to listen to Leif's stories of his travels. Leif tells a story about how he found a new continent with his crew by sailing further south after leaving Markland. Leif described this new land as a "new world" where fruit grows and grassy plains cover the land. He decided to name this new land "Vinland". Thorfinn tells Leif that he is amazing and the children ask Leif questions about Vinland. Leif says that Vinland is much bigger and warmer than Iceland and he encountered a group of people who already lived there (Native American ancestors). Although they had troubling communicating due to the language barrier, they managed to have peaceful relations. Leif shows them a feather headdress and tobacco pipe that he received as a gift from the Natives. At the same time, Thors returns home from the snowstorm and wonders why the children are still awake. Helga tells him that she wanted them to hear Leif's stories. Thorfinn praises Leif and he asks the boy if he will sail with him when he grows up, but Thorfinn impatiently says he wants to sail now. One of children questions Leif's story, because of the legend that the World Serpent of the sea, Jormungand, eats any ship that dares to sail to west and beyond that, the world ends. Leif sees it as proof that he is a true warrior, but children scoff at the notion and call him adventurer who is useless in battle. Leif asks Thors to beat some sense into the boys, but Thors says that was enough stories for one day and tells Ari to escort the children home. Meanwhile, a man with a chain around his neck wanders in the cold snowstorm unprotected and comes across the Iceland village.

1 : Somewhere Not Here

Next, Thorfinn dreams that he is a sailor going to Vinland and encounters Jormungand, but he is suddenly woken up by Ylva laying on him. Thorfinn wakes up Ylva and tells her to sleep in her own bed because there's not enough room, but she refuses. Thorfinn notices that Thors and Leif are still talking, but Ylva tells him not to worry about the affairs of grown-ups. Then, she tells Thorfinn to hug her and holds him tight, to Thorfinn's discomfort.

At the same time, Thors brings the unconscious slave in his home and tells Helga to boil some water and Ylva to bring their fur blanket. Thors places the slave next to the fire and takes off his clothes, and sees his whip marks. While Thors performs chest compressions, Ylva believes that the man will die as his limbs are rotting. Helga notes that he isn't from their village and wonders why he was out in a blizzard. Ylva states that he is obviously a runaway slave and if they aid him, his master will cause their village trouble. Thorfinn returns home and tries to tell his father what Leif said, but finds him trying to resuscitate the slave. Thorfinn asks who the man is, and Ylva says that he is a runaway slave. Suddenly, the slave awakens and gasps for breath, to everyone's surprise. Thors asks for his name, but the man says that he is cold. Thors tells Ylva to make the fire stronger and asks the slave where did he come from. The slave simply asks if they will take him back to Halfdan. Ylva says that if he belongs to Halfdan, he must have come from the other side of the mountain. The slave says that he never wants to go back to Halfdan again, but he doesn't have anywhere else to go, as he cries. Suddenly, a man comes in and informs Thors that Halfdan and over thirty of his men are at the dock and tells him to come quick as he is only one who can handle him. The man says that they mentioned a slave and forced their way onto shore. He says that Leif is trying to intervene, but the younger men might start a fight.

The Slavic man dreams that he is in a field filled with flowers, trees, and birds. He says that he has never felt more at peace before and smiles. Thors wakes him and tells him to stay awake or he will die, but Helga thinks its too late for him. Suddenly, the young man deliriously calls out to his parents and sister and wonders where he is. Thors tells him that far to the west, across the sea, there's land called Vinland, a warm, fertile paradise free of slaves and war. Thors asks the man will he live there his family one day. The young man says that paradise he saw earlier is Vinland.

Suddenly, Halfdan and his men enter Thors' home and apologizes for coming in so rudely, saying they came for the slave. Helga takes Thorfinn away and Ylva comes home, revealing that she informed Halfdan of the slave's whereabouts. She tries to explain that they weren't hiding him and simply nursed him back to health. Thors asks Halfdan how much the slave cost. Halfdan says it cost him two young ewes. Thors offers three sheep for slave, but Halfdan says that he must take him back to torture him as reminder of fear to the other slaves. Thors instead offers four sheep, but Halfdan asks Thors what would he do if he asked for twice as much. Thors says that he would give eight sheep, all ewes under three years old. Halfdan says that slave is half-dead, but will agree with Thors' offer. Halfdan turns to leave and says that will pick out the sheep himself. Before he leaves, Halfdan asks Thors if he really thinks he freed the man and asks where would he go, but Thors stays silent. Thorfinn peeks through a sheet and looks at Thors.

Later that night, Thors digs a grave and Ylva cries. Thorfinn asks if she is sad, Ylva says of course she is, revealing that the young man died shortly afterwards and giving up the eight sheep for him was pointless. Helga comforts Ylva and Thorfinn asks Thors if their ancestors really ran away like Leif said. Thors confirms it, so Thorfinn asks where would they go if they left Iceland. Thors pats his son on the head and looks at the Northern Lights. Meanwhile, Floki and a crew of Jomsvikings set sail to Iceland and the camera pans out to Thors' home and shows a chest containing equipment from his past as a Viking.

In Gorm's house, Askeladd sits on a windowsill and throws some looted necklaces to some cheering local girls, favourably commenting on their lovely lack of modesty and discretion. Gorm redirects Askeladd to the matter at hand, the issue of payment for lodging and feeding Askeladd and his men until the spring. Askeladd (who refers to Gorm as "uncle") tells Gorm to give his men all the food and mead they want, as they had a good haul and have more than enough silver. Gorm, happy with the outcome of the discussion, instructs Hordaland, his slave, to bring wine out, as they will celebrate. She has to be told twice. Askeladd comments on her strange name, which is the same as a place in Norway. Gorm confirms that she was from the bloodline of a lord in the Hordaland area, who lost a war and went into ruin, leading him to buy her for a hefty sum earlier that year. He grumbles about her being a dreadful slave. Askeladd notes that the slave's uselessness is not her fault, but due to poor handling, as there is a trick to manipulate every human being. Seeing Thorfinn approaching, he asks Gorm to witness a duel he has scheduled just before supper.

On the ship, Thorfinn falls asleep and dreams of his father Thors, who approaches him and asks if he's sulking because he lost again. Thorfinn, who once again looks 6 years old, starts to cry. Thors teases him and asks if he's angry and wants revenge, to which he nods vigorously. Thors regretfully notes that Thorfinn is indeed his son and that it would not do any good to tell him not to seek vengeance, as he'll have to find out for himself what it means to be a warrior. Thorfinn bolts awake as a hand reaches for him, pulling his short sword to the reaching Hordaland's face. Startled, she drops the basket of food she had been carrying out to him on Lord Gorm's orders. She asks Thorfinn if he is also a thrall, as he seems similar to her and is eating outside. Thorfinn specifies he is a free man and warrior who is choosing to eat outside, unlike her, and that he has nothing in common with her and wouldn't know how a slave thinls, as he would kill Gorm, run and kill any pursuers if he were in her place. Hordaland comments that is awful and that she could never kill someone. Thorfinn replies that it's her choice. Hordaland ponders about where she could even run to, and if there is a place across the horizon, across the sea, where she could find a peaceful place without war or slaves.

Hordaland's words bring Thorfinn back ten years. In a flashback, a young Thorfinn sits in his family home in Iceland. He and the village children listen on in amazement as Leif Ericson tells them of his travels. Wearing a native headdress and smoking a pipe, Leif tells them he and his crew left Markland and charted a course further south in their ship, finding a land richer and far more fertile. There, they found a new land, full of ripe fruit and rippling plains. Leif built a cottage upon it and called it Vinland.

Sirius was sitting on his balcony. A lantern sat by his side, but other than that he sat in darkness. The full moon was two nights ago. Now a waning gibbous hung in the sky. He liked to sit out here to think, sometimes. Or to not think, as it would be better said. Either way, Sirius swung his legs through the railing and was the first to see the shadow pass through the normally empty sky.

Sirius slowly brought out his arm and pulled down the sleeve. There lay a pink scar running down his arm, from his wrist to his elbow like a valley. She put her finger on it, and her long black nail ran across it. His father had done it- the only one on the island with a wand. The spell was done so the scar could never fade, and it could still ache if his mother wanted it to. Now, Sirius felt the fire inside like the spell had just been cast, but after so much practice he has learned to hide his pain.

Arriving Somewhere... is the first live performance DVD by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. Disc one is a full show from the Deadwing tour filmed by "Studio M" with nine High Def cameras[1] at Park West, Chicago on 11 and 12 October 2005, edited by Lasse Hoile, with the soundtrack mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound by Steven Wilson, and mastered by Darcy Proper. Disc two includes live performances on the German television show Rockpalast, a promotional video for "Lazarus", the live films used as the backdrop for three songs, Gavin Harrison's "Cymbal Song", and a photo gallery with over 100 images. The soundtrack to the DVD is available in FLAC and MP3 formats from the band's download store since April 2007. This audio edition is in the top 10 of the "Top Albums of 2007" chart of Rate Your Music website.[2] The DVD was re-released under Kscope record label on 21 April 2008 the same day of the regular release for the DVD-A edition of Lightbulb Sun.[3] In March 2018, Blu-ray and 2CD set was released. 041b061a72

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