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Migos - Taco Tuesday ((LINK))

Quavo previewed a snippet of the new track on Instagram last week in a video where he and girlfriend Saweetie were in the kitchen, cooking up some tacos. The preview arrived pretty soon after the song leaked online.

Migos - Taco Tuesday

Of course, you cannot talk about "Taco Tuesday" without mentioning LeBron James, who is sampled on the track and created a recurring theme on his Instagram during the NBA offseason last year where he would celebrate every Tuesday by exclaiming the phrase before a plate of tacos. James later tried to trademark the phrase but his application was denied because, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it's a "commonplace message," and cannot "function as a trademark."

After ushering Cinco De Mayo last week with their holiday track, the Migos continue the celebration with a Mexican feast for its matching visuals. Rocking their sombreros, Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff flex their dinero in the cocina while prepping tacos, quesadillas, and pitchers of margaritas. Salud!

James can often be heard belting out "Taco Tuesday" on Instagram while eating tacos with his family, and even tried to trademark the term last year. The United States Patent and Trademark Office ultimately denied his claim due to it being a "commonplace message."

In the clip, which premiered May 13, the Atlanta trio goof off in the kitchen as they prepare a bunch of tacos. The song notably features a voice sample of NBA legend LeBron James, who is well-known for using the term on his Instagram stories. 041b061a72

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