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Atlanta - The Club ... __EXCLUSIVE__

The series is set in Atlanta and follows Earnest "Earn" Marks, as he tries to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend Van, who is also the mother of his daughter Lottie; as well as his parents and his cousin Alfred, who raps under the stage name "Paper Boi"; and Darius, Alfred's eccentric right-hand man. In the episode, Earn, Alfred and Darius visit a night club to meet with a promoter who owes them money. Problems arise when the promoter avoids Earn to pay him while Alfred is jealous when a popular NBA player is in the club.

Atlanta - The Club ...

At a night club named "Primal", Earn (Donald Glover), Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) and Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) are enjoying time at a private section of the club. Earn wants to meet with a promoter who owes him money while Alfred questions how to get into the VIP section of the club.

An Atlanta Hawks player, Marcus Miles, is in the VIP section and his appearance prompts a round of applause, while Alfred barely gets any. He shares his frustrations to Darius, who remarks that Marcus has an "invisible car", showing him photos of Marcus posing on an empty space but Alfred is unconvinced. Meanwhile, Earn approaches the promoter, Chris (Lucius Baston), who is also the club's manager. Chris promises to get him the money after some errands but he evades Earn at every errand, frustrating him. When he catches up with him, Chris manages to evade him by getting in a rotating wall, angering Earn even further. The bartender, noting Earn's frustration, tells him that if he does not like the place, he should leave as complaining doesn't make him "special".

Darius leaves the section for a moment and after interacting with the security guard with casual conversation, is rejected by the same security guard moments later, as he is carrying the wrong wristband, prompting him to leave the club. Alfred welcomes more people into his section to compete with Marcus, but ejects the males when he realizes some are just trying to get collaborations with him. To complicate matters, Marcus buys the entire liquor service for the night and is leaving, further frustrating Alfred. Earn continues talking with the bartender, who tips him by giving him instructions on how to enter the rotating wall through a fire alarm. He confronts Chris, who will pay him but for a reduced fee, as Alfred's expenses reduced the intended payment and failed to meet his contractual obligations. He pays him $750 (instead of $5,000) and tells Earn to leave.

Alfred tries to flirt with a woman, but she does not plan to give her contact information and even says she has boyfriend. Earn then informs Alfred about the money, prompting an angry Alfred to confront Chris himself. He manhandles Chris, first punching him and he hands him the rest of the money. Alfred leaves with the money after slapping Chris with it, and he and one of his cohorts take three cases of beer as they leave. Chris calls the police after a moment of awe for Alfreds presence. Outside the club, Earn and Alfred laugh at the situation when they and the bystanders note an argument, which escalates into a gunfight. Everyone leaves, with Miles seen driving his "invisible car", hitting many pedestrians. They meet with Darius at a diner to laugh about the events, when they see a news coverage of the shooting. The report states that Alfred is wanted for questioning for the robbery. A frustrated Alfred says "fuck the club."

The episode drew attention for the "invisible car", which starts as a joke made by Darius when describing Marcus Miles. In the episode's climax, as the bystanders flee from the shooting, Marcus drives the car through the parking lot. TheWrap interpreted the use of the invisible car as to how "people, mostly stars, flaunt their money in the club. After seeing how much larger and more exciting Miles' VIP section was, Paper Boi was a little bothered by it so he bought some more drinks and invited more people into his section, which was countered by Miles buying the entire club. Miles' invisible car at the end could be a testament to the extent some people will go to in order to show off how rich they are. Like, you know buying an invisible car."[2]

The episode's use of "Knuck If You Buck" received attention by some audience viewers, with some criticizing the subdued nature of clubgoers depicted when the song played. TheWrap wrote, "Unlike most TV shows or movies, the club scene in Atlanta wasn't depicted as a ritzy place where everyone was beautiful and dressed to the nines, having the time of their lives. Primal, a nightclub in Atlanta and on Atlanta, depicted the real club experience: Earn doesn't drink, Darius left early to eat cereal and play video games and Paper Boi was bored out of his mind. So when 'Knuck If You Buck' came on during the episode, most people were naturally expecting the show to stay true to its roots and have the proper response to such a monumental song. But then again, we should have all learned by now to not expect anything normal from Donald Glover."[9]

ACC's lovely and elegant clubhouse, which overlooks our world class golf course, is truly a stunning setting. With patios, terraces, private rooms and a beautiful ballroom, ACC is a delightful place to host a wedding. Our staff will observe even the finest detail with impeccable taste and efficiency.

The Atlanta Press Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Pepper as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Jewel Wicker as Treasurer for the 2023-2024 term. Pepper, Publisher, Rough Draft Atlanta previously served as Treasurer of the club in 2022. A native Atlantan he has deep roots in the Atlanta community and a 20+ year career working at local and global media organizations. Pepper acquired Springs Publishing in December 2020. Wicker, a freelance journalist, has served on the Board and Executive Committee since 2016 and is currently Co-Chair of the Internship Committee. An award-winning freelance reporter she has experience creating written and on-air content for digital platforms. Her written work includes a broad range of entertainment-based reporting to more in-depth reporting that focuses on cultural and industry trends. For more information regarding the APC Board Of Directors please visit

At the night club "Primal", Alfred Miles is hanging out in his private section with Earnest Marks and Darius. Al tells Earn to go get their payment from the nightclub's manager, Chris, while failing to get women to come to his booth and deriding the quality of their free drinks. Darius is unfazed by this, as he insists people like to give him drinks for free because "I'm the guy." Al notices the VIP section of the club crowded with people and wonders who is at the head of it. As Earn leaves to go find Chris, Al is approached by a fan who starts reciting his lyrics in a monotonous tone. When he finishes, Al stares blankly at him then awkwardly thanks him.

The club's DJ announces that Marcus Miles, a famed NBA point guard, is in the club, drawing wild cheers from the attendees, less so when he also announces Al's presence. Earn wanders through the crowd until he spots Chris, who satiates him with drink tickets and tells him to follow him to the back for his payment, but slips away into the crowd. Al complains about his lack of enjoyment of the night, shouting "fuck the club!" and dissing Miles for his higher status. Darius insists that Miles is cool because of his "invisible car," showing Al several Instagram photos that show Miles posing as though he is showing off a car, when he is in fact posing with nothing, which Al scoffs at. Darius tries to cheer Al up by pointing out a girl, Janice, who has been staring at him, and Al brings her over by inviting everyone nearby to drink with him.

Chris and Earn stop at another bar and Chris buys him a drink, only to escape through a rotating wall while Earn's back is turned. Stunned and irate, Earn gawks at his disappearance and the bartender pours him a shot, which Earn again says he hates despite drinking it anyway. As Earn rambles about his hatred for the club and it being a "money suck," the bartender advises him to leave if he is unhappy, as being at the club in the first place indicates him wanting to be there. She concludes that he is not special for hating the place, even though he is not the usual patron. She points to an example of a typical Primal attendee, a shirtless man wandering around and rubbing his nipples who is ejected by security. Al tries to get a man with a camera to take a picture of him and Janice, but he is instead more interested in taking pictures of Miles' leather jacket-clad pet peacock. Al and Janice laugh at the absurdity of the situation and drink together.

Earn and the bartender watch a man sleaze on a group of girls with promises of VIP access, the bartender stating that "everyone needs to feel special sometimes." Earn asks her why he is here, and she tells him that he is there for the same reason as everyone else: "to feel good about yourself and stunt." Earn insists he is just there for work, but the bartender points out that that still fits her description. Earn takes a check and finds that the bartender has written "fire alarm" on the underside of his receipt. He hesitantly stands before the wall Chris vanished behind and pulls the fire alarm, causing the wall to open up to the staff area. A man approaches Al and tries to top off his drink, claiming to be a new rapper that wants to make connections. Al looks around his section, suddenly becoming disillusioned with the self-promoting people he has surrounded himself with and orders everyone but Janice and her friends out of his section. He tries to get more alcohol, but the DJ announces that Miles has bought all the liquor in the club and is now leaving. As Al stares in awe, a man laughs at him and shouts "you broke!"

Earn finds Chris in his office smoking with a woman and demands his $5,000 payment, throwing up on the floor in the process. An annoyed Chris tells Earn that he has cut his payment down to $750 because of his promotion of Al's stay at the club and Al's subsequent refusal to do the set he promised, then gives him his cut and threatens him out. Janice tells Al tonight was not a total loss because she met him, and Al smiles and calls Darius, who is already home eating cereal and playing video games. Janice moves to leave and Al asks for contact information, but she only gives him her Instagram and says she has a boyfriend before leaving, enraging Al. Earn meekly tells Al that Chris shorted them, and Al storms into Chris' office and beats him until he gives him the rest of their money, also taking a case of beer. As Chris' girl helps him to his feet, he wistfully proclaims that Al is going to be a star before telling her to call the police. 041b061a72


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