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[S12E16] Herpe The Love Sore

As Brian watches television, Stewie arrives to see a blood brothers ritual. As Brian explains how it is done, Stewie insists on trying it with him and they share their blood. Stewie awakes the next day to find he has a herpes sore and angrily confronts Brian who insists there is no way he is responsible until Stewie proves otherwise. Brian tries to dismiss his concerns but Stewie has all sorts of problems with his personal contacts. He tries to cover up the sore but when the teacher removes his disguise. As he confesses to Rupert, Chris overhears and reveals that he also has herpes from Brian who spread it intentionally. While Brian takes a girl out on a date, Chris and Stewie screw up his chance with his date to Brian's frustration. Brian finds his Facebook account hacked and demands to know what they want. Chris takes off in Brian's car and Stewie reveals that he can't trust his best friend. Brian apologizes and insists he'll never lie again. Brian explains that it will likely only flare up while Stewie is stressed as a shot of the future shows Stewie breaking out during a job interview.

[S12E16] Herpe the Love Sore

Now, let's talk about exactly what herpes are and how dangerous the disease is. Herpes is a virus that essentially causes sores around the mouth or the genitalia, more commonly the mouth. Almost everybody has a strand of this virus within their body from birth, and I assure you this is perfectly normal and nothing to be afraid of! Herpes comes in different strands of varying effectiveness, and most aren't a serious problem in many cases, excepting the occasional flair-up and stigma. Many of us carry the weaker forms of this virus through the creation of cold sores or the occasional mouth sores we may get; some even have this in the form of the chicken pox virus, and these kind of herpes can be contracted through bodily contact in many cases sex. If most people didn't have this virus, many of us would be at risk of contracting the shingles in our lives, which is arguably worse! It's kind of like how many humans have the tuberculosis virus dormant in our lung tissue. Even those with the herpes you see here tend to have it dormant most of their lives. 041b061a72


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